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Sinus Balloon Surgery

Sinus surgery with balloons may be performed in a hospital, outpatient surgery setting or in the office of an ear, nose, and throat doctor under local anesthesia. The surgeon and patient will determine the ideal site and anesthesia type for the procedure based on the patient’s medical history, surgical need and preferences.

The physician inserts a guide catheter through the nostril and near the sinus opening under endoscopic visualization. A flexible guide wire is then introduced into the targeted sinus to confirm access.

Most guide wires have a light on the tip, which may produce light transmission seen through the skin to help the physician with correct placement of the guide wire.

Once access to a blocked sinus is confirmed, a balloon catheter is advanced over the guide wire and positioned in the blocked sinus opening for inflation. The balloon is inflated and it is hoped that the sinus will remain open after the balloon is then deflated and removed.

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